India’s first age-specific learning tool-kits launched by WonderBoxx

India’s first age-specific learning tool-kits launched by WonderBoxx

WonderBoxx, an early childhood learning monthly subscription service, today launched the age-specific learning tool-kits for children aged 1 to 8. The firm claims this product to be India’s first age specific learning tool kit, which is designed specifically for children from the age groups of 1-8 year old and is delivered across the country.

The product has been priced between Rs 1200-1500 per kit. The WonderBoxx tool-kits enables the child to create a home lab, to construct ideas, to lead hands-on inquiry and to develop a culture of knowledge.


The company said. “WonderBoxx is designed keeping in mind the essential need to provide children with contexts that encourage exploration, inquiry and action. It follows different guiding philosophies for every different age group. For 1 to 3 year olds, it explores learning through imaginative and sensory play; for 3 to 5 year olds, it provides materials to facilitate exploration, creation and learning and for 5 to 8 year old, it delivers resources for children to discover and innovate.”

WonderBoxx is backed by a team of pedagogy experts, product designers, children authors, illustrators and young parents, led by co-founders Deepanshu Arora, an IIT Kanpur alumnus  & Parita Parekh, an alumnus of Brown University.

Speaking at the launch event, Parita Parekh & Deepanshu Arora, said “WonderBoxx takes the child on a new inspiring journey of imagination and creativity, every month. We have created WonderBoxx through a design-propelled process that ensures that the product is child-driven and stimulates action and inquiry. To ensure that children develop the attributes of a lifelong learner such as curious, imaginative, adventurous, intuitive, perceptive and playful and a grounded creative worldview, our Boxxes are designed to work in continuum to promote on-going investigation and exploration.”

Mehak Ahuja, mother of a 3 year old said, “It is extremely important to create an environment to support young children’s creativity and creative learning. Through play and imagination, a child can fulfill wishes and overcome fears of unpleasant experiences. As a young mother I have to assure that positive play experiences and holistic learning leads to positive emotional well-being of my child. WonderBoxx is indeed a wonderful opportunity for my kid to instill the act of self-expression.”