iYogi Launches ‘Digital Service Cloud’ an Open IoT Platform For OEMs

iYogi Launches ‘Digital Service Cloud’ an Open IoT Platform For OEMs

iYogi has unveiled ‘Digital Service Cloud’ an open IoT platform to explore fast growing IoT market built on Microsoft Azure. The platform will enable ioT OEMs to monitor, deploy and manage devices for different needs of end users.  This will bring a novel feature enabling OEMs to focus specifically on the hardware and Plug-and-Play the cloud for improved device management.

Digital Service Cloud Open ioT Platform is the latest version of digital service cloud and will be using different   azure modules including the Azure Document DB, Azure Event Hub and azure machine learning in its core.

Detailing the product, iYogi CEO, Uday Challu said, “More than four years, and $35 million have gone for developing our platform – and we believe this is exactly what is needed by IoT innovators. It’s easy to set up, and can scale from one-digit to over a million transactions quickly” with this it has made its  forthcoming agenda clear that it will be using all available options with care.

This will help them in winning high quality services and winning high confidence here. Just use yardstick to fathom their potential and later deliver it with all confidence. iYogi seems to be here and will making all its services  within their criteria. This will be highly useful for them.

iYogi has unveiled its digital service cloud open IoT partner program, supporting the IoT ecosystem growth.  Under its program, startups can avail the program for free, for up to one million devices and will get more resources and development support. The company is planning to develop a showcase of over 100 IoT solutions in next one year.

The company will create a showcase of over 100 ioT solutions in forthcoming one year. This is going to new highly useful for its users and will be making best use for them. They will be looking forward for the best use of their given opportunities.  They will be able to make a quality service to them and will make their functioning useful for them.

It has unveiled the device just within one week of Google Brillos unveiling, an operating system for low powered devices which are compatible with internet of things setup or smart home. The ioT market is going to expand global an according to Cisco predictions, 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet. Thus internet companies like Google, Microsoft and new players are trying to tap the market aimed to future.