Facebook confirms to support GIFs

Facebook confirms to support GIFs

Facebook is supporting animated GIF in it’s Facebook news feed. Although it is available for few selected users here as update is till rolling out. The present step shows an important change in direction for Facebook which has earlier had said that it will not support GIFs claiming that doing so make its news feed more complex.

It is reportedly was keen on using video. The company introduced support for auto playing videos in late 2013 and inspite of bringing a livelier, animated feel to the new feed, the move did not lead facebook to roll out support for GIFs. Neither did introduction of support for GIFs on twitter last summer- change that some felt might force facebook hand in matter.

Though Facebook had built in support for GIFs recently, the company has long felt that GIFs could lead to the site being cluttered with low-quality memes, as we previously reported. They will be looking forward for such help and can make their tasks simple and exciting. One can make the GIFF use suitable to their quality services.


We’ve checked the Facebook brand pages functionality and have discovered that above mentioned suggestions don’t yield results. This reflects that Facebook is either firstly unveiling personal profile or has made the decision to limiting its functionality to be used by brands period. (We understand now that it will not support GIFs on pages or in Facebook ads.) This is going to add to its existing values. They can avail high quality services and can make their searches more meaningful an full of options.


We also discovered that GIF were animated automatically in the facebook related mobile application instead of its website. However, it is yet to be cleared whether or not the latter issue has to do anything it’s delayed unveiling and are awaiting Facebook confirmation. This is going to enhance its related services here.

We have also asked Facebook to give more technical details covering it’s GIF support, along with its mobile support plans, pages support and others.


In the meantime, a company spokesperson provided the following statement: “We’re rolling out support for animated GIFs in News Feed. This is so you can share more fun, expressive things with your friends on Facebook.”

They will be making their best move with it and can make their tasks simple and useful. Just wait for further announcements.