Google unveils ‘App Invites’, more focused app

Google unveils ‘App Invites’, more focused app

Google has unveiled a recent product ’App Invite’ focused   to help mobile app developers grow the application user base. In it’s Beta iOS and Android, the app invites set of standardization tools to send out app invites over email and SMS, displaying recommended contacts, developing personalized on board experience for new users.

The toolset are effective help for mobile application makers are busy focusing on users address book to enhance. It’s reach to users and makes them join its services. The method is popular and is being effectively used by it to enhance it’s users base. With Google’s new App invites tools, mobile developers will have an easier way of designing their apps referral and on-boarding flows.

App invites   cover an extra mile than providing users a simple contacts list which can in reality attract the users in invite and suggesting delivery methods. It’s suggestion are based on the inter-actions, between sender and their contacts in Google apps including Gmail and hangouts.

Cooking app Yummly, an early tester will be using App invites to suggest their apps to those who are keen on cooking.

The invites can be sent out SMS or emails carrying an install button right in the message body. On android where install process is even easier users click on app invite and can download the asp from the Google play-store without visiting web browser.

This helps the developers in referral process in making deep link process to specific pages. This allows users of freedom to offer discount code with friends. The CW and urban sitter are utilizing the deep linking capabilities to make the experience more personnel.

The CW allows users share their favorite shows with their selected friends and is integrating the features into its episode sharing functions. Users will be able to tell the friends about a favorite episode or series in way that more closely resemblance a great push.

The ability to make these invites more personnel is one of the better features of the new product.  In the past email, SMS can sometime give users an impression of spamming their contacts.  This lead to the bad impression among users who got used to assuming   an start  assuming  that they are getting spam mails from their contacts and close ones.

This helps the users in availing personalized messages. These can even be customized on a per invite basis using user generated photos and products images and screen shots of gameplay.