Nintendo rubbishes report on its planning to use Android for game console

Nintendo rubbishes report on its planning to use android for game console

Nintendo’s proposed plans to unveil Android powered console have turned out to be mere eyewash?

According to Nintendo there are no such plans for such console codenamed NX. It has said not so.

He claims and counter claims have proven apathy of Industry’s two big names. It is to be noted that Japan’s leading business news paper had reported that Nintendo is looking into using it.

In its recent clarification, a Nintendo spokesperson said, “There is no truth to the report saying that we are planning to adopt Android for NX.”  Then how all this confusion gripped news industry can be known through the events took place in the past.  The clarification has come as big disappointment   to gaming enthusiasts who were looking for   all quality results from it.

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata had announced in the months of March that it is working on “a dedicated game platform with brand new concept” with its internal codename of “NX”. He had further announced that it will be announcing related more details in next year. This development has set the news stories rolling about the proposed use of android.

Nikkei Shimbun is Japan’s most respected business newspaper but did not highlighted the such an important announcement was covered in column written on facts given by one anonymous source.  The possibility of bit exaggeration cannot be ruled out but facts will always remain facts and during one year further changes have also added their inputs to the original report.

Nintendo is denying the mobile games making ideas before finally announcing that it would be making smartphone title with deNA partnership. The story sourcing wasn’t solid but even it has an iota of truth then it should have changed its mind before releasing 2016 details.

Nintendo spokesperson needs to be careful with their spoken words. It made an announcement and let the rumor mills do their jobs for whole one year and finally came out with a clarification saying that such reports are baseless.  However, what about any other project being planned by it.

Although, Nintendo has cleared its name from such baseless conclusions drawn by some enthusiastic column writer but one cannot deny that all these were based on its CEO’s announcement. It may not be planning for an adoption of android now, but when it had announced then it had said that it is looking for dedicated game platform.