KiViHealth – a cloud based healthcare startup for patients’ all health needs

KiViHealth – a cloud based healthcare startup for patients’ all health needs

KiViHealth is a vision of two entrepreneurs from the Indian School of business to provide a cloud based healthcare solution for a patients’ all health needs. Ahmadabad-based KiviHealth is a brainchild of Rajandeep Singh and Bhanu Mahajan with an aim to bring e-commerce into healthcare business and to solve the long standing problem of e-commerce industry, that is, selling prescription medicines online.

Talking about the idea behind KiViHealth, Rajan said, “Today the journey for a patient receiving any kind of medical care is quite painful and demoralizing. The idea was to provide a cloud based solution that not only eases patient medical journey, but, also empowers providers like doctors, labs, pharmacies to make their processes more robust and efficient. So just imagine that you went to a doctor, and now all you have to do is to go home and everything will be taken care of! We are making it possible through our platform.”

Currently, the startup comprises of 23 members and most of them are from top engineering institutes of Gujarat like DAIICT, MSU, DDU.

Rajandeep Singh and Bhanu Mahajan

Rajan further says that the platform brings together all three aspects of healthcare i.e. Clinic, Pharmacy and Laboratory. A patient only has to visit the doctor, everything else is taken care by KiViHealth, from doorstep medicine delivery which includes even prescription medication to blood collection at home.

In the current scenario, the patient has to go to the doctor, get his prescriptions for medicines and tests, then go to a lab and get the results back to the doctor and get medicines from pharmacies etc. KiViHealth minimizes all these processes and makes it simple with getting labs done and medicines are delivered at patient’s doorsteps.

Jayant Pareek, one of the team members of said, “We are not only amongst the very first companies in India to sell prescription medicines online, but, also help patients enormously by providing them significant discounts on medicines. Our platform has revolutionized the way patients used to interact with doctors, laboratories and pharmacies. With the vision to take healthcare digital, we are providing doctors, clinics, pharmacies, labs to go digital at very affordable prices.”

The startup also launched their Android app which is available to download from Google Play Store.