YouTube gets rid of their ‘301+’ view count

YouTube gets rid of their ‘301+’ view count

Google has announced to scrap it’s play count 301+ for recent videos in favor of accurate figures. This will be of immense help for the users to get the video viewing. This will help them in enjoying much faster and high quality services. The scrapping will ensure much faster connection use here. This will help them a high quality setup here.

According to recent tweet, the video play count will now show the real number of views and the company’s confident have come from their real people and will be including plays by bots and will undergo a verification process. This can be of immense help also.

Removing their irritating and rather uninformative “301”+ is sign that there company is highly confident in their ability to discriminate between human views and from automated systems. This can be availed here and will be used to get the best available inputs here. This shall be availed to enhance their services.

The 301+ count will be used to a place holder for their popular new videos and YouTube went off to verify the views which were authentic and others were not. The feature removal will help them in enjoying high quality services also. The users will make their related tasks quite convincingly and shall enhance their view count. The service has not been receiving any problems or issues here. This will make the users’ task much easy and simple.

Here the company selling ads as their main business, the direction is critical. For viewers, it doesn’t really mean too much and for the creator this is chance to prove their worth. This offers them a wide range of upload viewing services. The services can be used to enhance their high quality service here and shall be availed by u