Lemonade Lab scores $5.8M from Foxconn Unit

Lemonade LabAthletes developing sensors Lemonade Lab has scored $5.8 million led by their Foxconn subsidiary. The Tokyo and Boston based startup will be forming their partnerships with FIH Mobile offering manufacturing services for mobile device makers.

Foxconn has unveiled hardware investments and its manufacturing clients including Apple, Acer and Microsoft or their units.

Here they will put $118 million into Softbank’s robotics division making personal robot pepper. It’s Ginko Ventures, European investment arm led by a $25 million fund round in French loT platform developer activity.

Here the Foxconn appeared to be enhancing its non-hardware investments. It took part in mobile operating system developer Cyanogen’s series C in March and will be investing in Indian e-commerce company Snapdeal in this month beginning.

Lemonade Lab’s wearable makes cloud based platform analyzing data from their sensors and giving wearers performance feedback and they are training. The company’s present sensors and wearers performance feedback during their training.

The company’s present sensors are designed and can be worn on their wrist or will be attached to bicycle handbars.  This will be a fund round for 2014. With its recent fund round securing, its total value has risen to $10.3 million.

First batch products of  Lemonade Lab’s will be focused to professional runners and cyclist  and will be begin its direct competition to the Fitbit, Mistfit, Jawbone and Garmin by selecting  after their consumer market.

In their statement, CEO and co-founder Kunhiko Kaji stated Lemonade Lab and will make use of FIH Mobile’s manufacturing platform to bring their devices to market and will be unveiling to Japan, France, US, and Taiwan earlier this year. It’s every wearable will be priced between $500 to $800.

This can be of immense help for the brand development and will be offering their inputs as well and will be sharing their high quality service as well.