TrendsToday – Smarter way to get aggregated trends from across social media platforms

TrendsToday – Smarter way to get aggregated trends from across social media platforms

Forget all the previous methods and let’s move ahead to a smarter way of getting social media updates. Introducing you the TrendsToday, a platform that offers via its smartphone application aggregated trends worldwide from major social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

Nowadays, people are getting more adapted to mobile devices, therefore TrendsToday team opted to go for smartphone app allowing users to receive social media updates on the go.

TrendsToday team understand it better that social media nowadays is about #Hashtags, so they brings you with the trending tweets, viral posts, photos, memes and videos all across social media.

The TrendsToday app is available on both Android and iOS platforms with its simple and easy to use UI. Just a swipe, and you are presented with trending news from all major categories, including Business, Startups, Tech and Entertainment among others.

TrendsToday app

Using the TrendsToday App

To start off, you first need to download and install the app from either Google Play Store or App Store depending on the OS your device runs. One you’ve installed the app register by entering your email address and select from the available countries from which you want to get updates like India, USA, Australia, UK and Canada.

It also gives you the option to get trending social media updates around the globe by selecting the region as Worldwide. Currently, the TrendsToday app includes social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and Vine.

TrendsToday app UI

More excitement in the coming updates

In the coming updates more social media channels will be added like YouTube, Flicker & SoundCloud. Other improvements that will be added in the next version includes sharing, bookmarking, more advanced news will be shown and personalized posts will be presented. The app will also get revamped UI in the coming updates.

Download the TrendsToday app for Android and iOS from:

Google Play Store

iTunes App Store