Digit automated savings plan adds cash rewards

Digit automated savings plan adds cash rewards

Digit has unveiled their cash rewards for the users who are leaving their money alone. If they touch the money then they will be saving it for digit in three months. Here they will be showing their way to the cents and can avail rewards for their high class services.

Average US owning account bearing on 0.17 percent inters rate their digit rewards account might in traditional bank. The users are time dig for their and are helping them in this task and might perform their other accounts as well  and will be offering their high quality services as well. They will be leaving their high quality inputs as well.

The user can signup on their platform and can start using it of other financial gains and they need not to worry for the delays they are likely t get their dire discounts as well.

If you haven’t tried Digit yet, here’s how it works. You sign up on the desktop web or on your phone and connect your current bank account. Digit creates a new savings account, backed by the FDIC, and manages it on your behalf. Every couple days, it will transfer a few dollars — $2 to $18 on average.

When you need the money back, you send text messages to transfer it back into your checking account. (Aside from a rudimentary website, Digit is designed to be managed exclusively through texts.) And aside from the lack of traditional interest, Digit is free to use.

Digit won’t say how many people are using it so far, but they have collectively saved $23 million — $1.3 million a week. On average, the service is designed to save about 5.5 percent of a person’s salary. There have been some hiccups along the way — Chase Bank repeatedly disconnected its users’ accounts from Digit — but for the most part I’ve found that Digit delivers what it promises. I’ve saved hundreds more dollars this year than I ever thought possible, and it’s all been totally painless.