Slick offers motorized GoPro stabilizer for sports

Slick offers motorized GoPro stabilizer for sports

Slick, a GoPro accessory recently unveiled backed with Indiegogo campaign. And attaching the GoPro directly to  them and they shall avail their GoPro into their slick stabilizer and then attaching the Helmet stabilizer, drone and other standard GoPro mount costing $179.

Here is how it will be working. Firstly they need to charge the battery over micro USB and then they can add their Go Pro inside the stabilizer with or without the waterproof housing and they had completed it. One can find their first look with it and understand it’s working.

With Slick the movements can be fixed over their three axes. The battery continues for two hours. Here is good example of heir looks like and without their Slick. Of course, the raw GoPro video will be stabilized with their software stabilization. There are drawbacks and their video resolution will be lowering after their software stabilization.

Second,  users played with their Slick prototype in person an works specially great when they look around. Instead  of filming  their instant movement, the GoPro will be swiftly  from one angle  to another, creating  nice transitions between their movements.

They can shake their stabilizer  in each direction and GoPro  will be continuing. This is simple impressive check they will Slick can help this movement. This GoPro accessory will not be for each person. A number of GoPro video professionals will find such stabilizers quite useful. With this they can get rid of their all related worries. Slick is a water proof  and is working with  the GoPro Hero 3, Hero 3+, Hero 4 and are recently announced  hero 4 session.  The startup will be shipped in March 2016.

This needs to work for their high quality services related to startups and after its shipment these are likely to enhance.