Vurb will be adding their messages to WeChat

Vurb will be adding their messages to WeChat

WeChat dominating the China with their messaging hub, allowing the users in shopping, taxi calling and bills paying. And this is all of one form. Mobile search startup Vurb wanted to bring their app style to Unite States while helping the Tencent, WeChat developers and were secretly been this investors in Vurb $10 million of funds.

This was recently unavailable on Android each day and is longer needs wait listing on iOS. This normally allows them to search or browse through nearby restaurants cards, movies and more that pull like FourSquare and Yelp reviews, Rotten Tomatoes scores and IMDB data.

They can plan their night out simply by haring this card with friends through their Vurb new internal messaging features there is no need to  jump over to SMS and use their clumsy ioS share sheets. Vurb’s new internal messaging feature and no need to bounce over to SMS using their clumsy iOS share sheets.

In China, in-spite of than each little business or utilities getting their own app.  In China, rather than each little business and utility makes changes accordingly. They will be creating their official accounts and WeChat.  These work similar to connect with their new friends to talk and offered novel functionality like ecommerce taping in to WeChat mobile payment wallet.

“There are too many apps. 1.5 million of them. 25% are never opened. There are things that shouldn’t be apps. They’re one-time-use functions.” Lo tells me. He says WeChat’s  microapps inside a messaging hub, so “Why is there no U.S. version?”

Vurb were started in 2011 and secured $2 million in 2013. Tencent  was an investor  and have  said Chinese tech giant  will be in this round  alongside CRV, data collective Crunch fund an angels like Drew Houston and Naval Ravikant. Chatnext has secured $8 million more in their series a round led by Redpoint and will be joined by Tencent and their previous investors.