Yummly secures $15 Million at $100M valuation for recipes

Yummly secures $15 Million at $100M valuation for recipes

Yummly, their online recipe recommendation and their food delivery services has secured $15 million in their recent fund round led by Bauer Venture Partners and valuing the company at $100 million. With this investment round the company has reflected investors growing confidence among investors. They will be looking forward for the investment returns with this fund round.

Yummly hike have been announced at time when the venture investors of different stripes and were trying to book their reservation at board tables of startups and were involved in the food business parts. This will be helping them in availing high quality services and infrastructure development also.

According to CB insights, food startups were secured over $750 million this year alone and their category is on one track and had passed the billion dollar peak that is hitting last one year. Calif based Yummly, Redwood City are among number of companies riding their wave. The startups business will be taking recipes submitted by users an then suggesting other types of foods and recipes and there users may like it.

Here using an integration with their Instacart Yummly users can now place orders to offer ingredients for their recipes delivered on their demand.

With the $15 million in their recent money from Bauer Venture Partners and their previous investors Uniliver  Ventures an Physic Ventures and their company will be hoping to expand to their product line and entering into new partnership.

As their investment results, Sven-Olof Reimers and Bauer venture partners will be taking their seat on company’s board of directors. Here they need to look for the features related to the given task and will be making its best us as well.

Company’s additional investors add first round capital, Intel Capital, and Harrison Metal Capital.