ThingThing, an iOS keyboard offering shortcut app switching

ThingThing, an iOS keyboard offering shortcut app switching

Apple has announced that it will be opening their access to the system wide keyboard in iOS and have seen interesting stuff within their keyboard. Apart from GIF keyboards, something is lot more attractive.

Here the developers are looking for keyboards as their productivity platforms in and can be used to shortcut the sharing process of different kind  of contents mobile users may be requiring access  to as they will be composing messages and missives and emails.

ReBoard, keyboard app unveiled last month and including his command key and can be used to access their related third party apps and to stay right within their keyboard.

Calendar app Sunrise also unveiled an iOS in this year beginning and allowing the user schedule meetings right within their keyboard interface. They have to hop out to be the full fat calendar app.

Well  here is one more contender for the productivity focused keyboard pile Barcelona based bootstrapping ThingThing keyboard and summing up what their keyboard app is targeting to achieve within the tag line, ‘Switch less. Do More’.

This was unveiled in August and offering Qwerty keyboard and their co-founder and CEO Olivier Plante saying that next bug thing to do in their dev list and their functioning is restricted to switching.

How this app switching relying on users’ to toggle and their native iOS keyboard they wanted to pay offs.

ThingThing keyboard to do right now allowing users in linking multiple accounts for their apps and services  to offer an in keyboard shortcut and they wanted to check on something like their availability and will be grabbing a  document and photo to include their composed missive.

“I started like most of us would do switching between apps, so I switched from my email app to my calendar, I check my availability, I note that down, and I went back into my mail app — it was super painful! And then after I went in my Dropbox app and I copied and pasted the link, which is sort of complicated when you think about it and when you do it,” says Plante.