Ipsy secures $100M from TPG Growth and Sherpa Capital

Ipsy secures $100M from TPG Growth and Sherpa Capital

YouTube Star Michelle Phan’s startup Ipsy secured $100 million in series B fund round from Sherpa Capital and TPG Growth. Ipsy sells monthly subscription to “Glam Bags” which offers beauty products.

Its valuation is still to be shared by the company. However, reports confirm that company has been estimated at $800 million. Majority of people familiar with its name know the fact that it faced competition from Birchbox and its startup techie are familiar with and secured funding from traditional venture capital investors here.

Both the two startups seems to be similar in size, where Ipsy will be claiming 1.3 million subscribers and Birchbox has over 1 million. The company is planning to gain $150 million revenue in this year and is profitable. The envelop math back is for Birchbox. This will bring 30% of their revenue from sales of full sized products adding to $10 monthly boxes and putting their revenue in same way.

The two companies key difference is that Ipsy will be growing on their given cash flow and has secured over $3 million fund round here. Birchbox has secured $72 million in their venture capital, Birchbox will be preparing to secure large new round of funding and will value the company at around $750 million.

Ipsy can attribute their capital efficiency to Phan power as marketer.  “It’s a silent little company that grew aggressively off the back of YouTube influencers,” said an investor. Sephora will soon be unveiling their subscription box, known as Play!, in Boston, Cincinnati and Columbus.

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