Ikka Dukka-Irishman foray into Indian fashion startups

Ikka Dukka-Irishman foray into Indian fashion startups

Indian startups looking for fashion designs and details are enjoying available solutions Ikka Dukka having Irish touch. What prompted its start here is the immense scope offered by Indian fashion enthusiasts.

The site nurtured by Nilisha Kohli and Irish born Enda Noone have come out with different offers as well. Sharing their initial efforts for it start, the Enda shared, “After an extremely frustrating day of Christmas shopping on a frosty and wet Irish December evening, Nilisha and I went to a nice cozy Dublin pub for a drink to complain about how there was nothing original in the shops to buy for Christmas presents. We both always had a love for interesting designs and quality products in fashion and interiors, so we wondered if we created products we loved, would there be others like us who would love them too. Once we got to talking about it we realized how excited it made us so we knew we had to do something in this space.”

On their initial start Enda said, “We started off with a highly curated product offering that reflected a whole lifestyle. We decided to do this in India because of the emergent online space where we believed there was a huge market potential for the type of products we wanted to bring. That coupled with the fact that some of the world’s best craftsmen and manufacturers are here, it seemed like the perfect place to make our base.”

And this saw the origin of ‘Ikka Dukka’, and sharing wisdom behind its name the duo stated,  “It’s a Hindi term meaning‘one or two’, or ‘rare’. We wanted to create or source products that we love that are unique and different to the usual designs on the market. So we figured the term Ikka Dukka fit well. Then there is the fish in the logo which is steeped in Indian as well as Irish mythology and represents knowledge, creativity, transformation, good luck and happiness.”

And today it is offering quality services without fail.