The Apple Watch Hermès Collection is open for sale

The Apple Watch Hermès Collection is open for sale

The wait is over! Much hyped the Apple Watch Herme models are now available for buying. Here not online these options are only sold in handful of Apple Store and Hermes retail locations.

Here prices begin at $1,100 for the 42 mm single strap options and are available in black and brown (nair or gauvre) and a red strap (capucine) is available in their 38mm size. The iconic Hermes double strap band costing $1,250 and are available in brown, grey, red or teal. The option is available with 38mm watch. For $1,500 buyers can select for ‘The cuff’, an extra large leather strap is available for their 42mm watch.

Along with their special leather brands, Apple Watch Hermes models ship with their Hermes watch face  which  announced your claim that you have made right investment with your hundred more on apple watch. The looks are quite attractive and offered the same features catering to the users needs. These metal base carrying watches are extremely attractive in looks and can offer them their given options as well.

Apple Watch Hermes

Along with the exclusive leather bands, Apple Watch Hermès models ship with a Hermès watch face that will subtly brag to all your friends that you spent hundreds more on your Apple Watch than they did. The watch brings all desired inputs available here and will be able to make the quality services here.

They can get and avail their given high quality inputs as well. That is available with just click of mouse and offers the time and other planning related features with simple way. They need to work for the given options and can get all desired details related to the watch at the given site. They will be making their high quality service here and shall make it high for them.