Migrera.com makes it easy to migrate

Migrera.com makes it easy to migrate

Imagine that you have to move from your town to a new one by today evening or tomorrow on very short notice or you are in transferable service and transferred to a new city or finally it is time for you to get rid of everyday landlord trouble and move to your very own sweet home ..

In all above mentioned scenarios, we need to do a lot of packing in little time and that too most of the times with family and small children. In order to cope up with this issue, a system of Packers and Movers started in India in late 90’s.

But the Indian industry is divided into lot of big and small segments and packing and moving industry is the biggest yet unorganized sector after agriculture. Most of us are unaware of the fact that this sector has a major role in the service sector because of its wide scope and high demand. In spite of the service being available for the masses, there are few drawbacks for example, the the long process that goes behind finding the right packers & movers.

The entire process is like if you want to move, you have to go through below mentioned steps:

  1. Begin by making numerous calls to various moving firms
  2. Collect their rate quotes
  3. finding out about their transporting limits, and the extra charges that they cost (if any)

Therefore, in order to make things more organised and convenient for the customers, four friends came together to start migrera.com a startup providing complete e-logistic solution.The objective of Migrera.com is to avoid chaos and provide customers a hassle free moving experience.

System of Working

Migrera works as an intermediary and brings together the customer with the right packer & mover service provider.The Startup provides an electronic platform for the customers where they can express their requirement or what actually they want from the packer & mover.

Migrera introduces a variety of ‘pre-built User Interface components’ for the customers to enter the complete details of the move and the vendors to easily provide their quotes and hence saving the customers time and making it as simple as possible.

How migrera works

From the packers and movers point of view there are below mentioned advantages :

  • It brings in customers who wish to avail their services.
  • Morepover, Migrera avoids the pre-visits and tele conversations by digitizing the common questionnaire into the user interface components.
  • Migrera, thus values time and money by making the entire process Digital.
  • Migrera provides easy payment options online and has a 24X7 solution for all customers.

Founders and Achievements

Migrera is based in Hyderabad and is co-founded by  :

  1. Kranthi Kumar Renamala
  2. Pradeep Chandra Goduma
  3. and Sandeep Reddy Sanikommu.

Migrera Founders

  • All the founders are friends since school and have nurtured the idea of starting up since childhood.


Migrera which in Swedish means “to migrate” wants to transform the moving industry and bring structure to it.MIGRERA launched their beta version in the last week of January 2015 and went live in early March 2015. Since then, they have executed more than 250+ moves successfully and has received rave reviews from their customers. Side by side, the vendor base of this startup has also been on a boom. With this success in Hyderabad, Migrera is planning to expand their operations to other major cities soon.

Customer First Experience with Migrera

  • Ensuring customer safety is very high on their list of priorities and hence they allow only registered and verified professional movers to quote their estimates on their website.

Founders Comments

  • Packers and Movers have to go through a strict process of verification before we register them on our website. This is to ensure the safety of our customers.” says Pradeep
  • “Due to the uncertainty in identifying reliable packers and movers, the customer experience is not enriching and there is an element of fear associated with the move for inevitable reasons. Not to mention the additional expenses the customer has to incur because of their inability to enlist all the items in the move. Realizing the untapped potential and with the aim of enhancing customer experience, I have co-founded Migrera, with 3 more colleagues as a one stop solution for meeting all the moving needs.” quotes Kranthi, one of the co-founders.


Therefore, don’t give a second thought and just close your eyes and go with  Migrera if you have to shift your house and you are moving to another city. Just go to the website and key in your requirements in order to find the most suitable packer and mover for you. So you just sit back & relax and let Migrera do the rest.