Thistle secures $1 million, shifts to subscription model

Thistle secures $1 million, shifts to subscription model

Thistle healthy food delivery startup has secured $1 million and has opted for subscription based model. This is nice move in healthy food business industry. This was unveiled in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood and will be remembering walking by one day and seeking pop out.

It has picked $1 million in seed from different investors and helping them to build their recent subscriptions models. This focuses on healthy meals and juices. Their recent plans will be giving customers regular healthy meal service against to old plan where customer will be selecting anywhere from one juice delivered to one , 3,5,  and upto 20 day plan.

This will be nice option for the healthy food space and Thistle will be facing buckets of competition for meld delivery throughout week. Presently San Francisco has 13 meal delivery services and like Sprig and PlateJoy this delivers healthy meals.

They were able to buy high quality ingredients and were able to provide them meal and are less expansive and they need to purchase the ingredients by themselves.

“Despite exercising regularly, my diet was starting to take a meaningful toll on my health,” Cheriyan told. “I saw countless other people in the same situation and Thistle was launched to provide a convenient solution for people that aspired to eat healthy as part of their busy lifestyles.”

“Because we are able to buy high-quality ingredients in bulk, we are able to provide you a meal that is often less expensive than if you were to purchase the same ingredients yourself,” Cheriyan said. “Even if it is cheaper to make a meal yourself, many people end up throwing away a lot of the leftover ingredients, resulting in increased costs and a greater environmental impact.”

They don’t need to go full Thistle for their each meal, each day.  There is also an option to order just their one meal.   Subscription meals plans begin from $10 for their single meal comprising its delivery also. And this is much cheaper offer available here.