Kibo App helps in hiding messages in your messages

Kibo App helps in hiding messages in your messages

Sending hidden messages through messages have become much simple and paying. Kibo iOS app has unveiled its app offering messages hiding facilities between messages. This feature has set it apart from other messaging apps and has enhanced its status.

Why you would want to do this? Their parent or siblings will be snooping around on their phone. They can be worried over notifications and flashing up on their lock screen and read by their prying yes of colleagues and they can download their apps and can be anti-shoulder surf performing screen protection provider on their messaging activity.Kibo App

“Kibo solves the problem of users’ privacy protection when exchanging messages containing any secrets or private information,” stated co-founders. “People commonly believe that no-one can intercept their private messaging; however, their very personal messages are often seen by their friends, colleagues, and passers-by. So, we are aiming to provide a means of sending and receiving messages in a way that no-one except the sender and the recipient will be able to see and read them.”

Kibo is generally not their maiden app offering some secret messaging privacy to entice the smartphone users. This had parked their rush to their ephemeral messaging with their self destructing message picture needing press to hold their view.

This will also be confiding with message ability to deter screen shooting and shoulder surfing. Kibo needs both recipient have app installed and have afforded system wide access via the ios keyboard setting in order to view their secret messages.

For the non-ios users and android version will be slated as coming soon. Here the keyboard do not have any special looks and stock their iOS keyboard and for their high quality services. This will be offering their given qualities as well and they will be offering their given qualities as well. This can be further quality paying aspect related to the given aspect as well.