Shipdesk makes logistics smart tech-oriented

Shipdesk makes logistics smart tech-oriented

Shipdesk reliable logistics marketplace will be providing online merchants with their cloud based solutions. E-commerce logistics will be with their online retail industry in the country. Online retail will be a USD 18 billion industry in India in 2018 and their e-commerce logistics will be their USD two billion industry in 2019.

Logistics will always be sub-segment in e-commerce and fraught with their inefficiency and Shipdesk will be claiming their efficiency of logistics through technology. Lipjo Joseph and Sree Krishna BV, Shipdesk is their logistics marketplace will be offering online merchants with their cloud based shipping solutions.

“When an online merchant makes Shipdesk its partner, all the information regarding the online orders placed with the online merchant is made available in their cloud and they immediately dispatch their team for shipping. It simplifies shipping and accelerates profits for merchants,” says Lipjo.

They will be offering  their cheapest  shipping rates an easy plug-in integrates with marketplaces an e-commerce platforms allowing order tracking  and their fulfillment data in populating real time all over the systems. This solution will be helping companies in saving time and money shipping reducing postal errors, yielding loyalty and their seller feedback.

The platform to have more than 550 users and their number will be enhanced with around 150 merchants being added each month. Their clients include marketplaces like Frekart, Zingohub,, among its others and will be their e-commerce sites like Nivysfashion, Kamals Boutique, Zarabotiques, Dailycather, and online sellers an sell their products in different online channels. The company was growing at 40 percent rate on month on month.

Rs 1 crore investment has been made into the venture. The capital was spent mostly on resources including marketing, technology and sales. Presently this will be focusing on online resellers and will be addressing SME segment soon.

Here they work on two different revenue models offering margin on shipments and subscription revenue.