RentMyStay allows people offer short duration renting homes

RentMyStay allows people offer short duration renting homes

Looking for rental places for short duration then RentMyStay can be a right choice. The renting startup founded by Kiran N, and Rakesh Kamble. The idea originated other as they had to build their house and wanted nearby place to see their ongoing construction work. They had to face problems in getting place for their short stay. This helped them in developing n idea to arrange place for the shorter stay.

Kiran says, “RentMyStay is today a 10-member team which works on par with the same objective and passion.”

This is an online platform which makes the renting places for shorter duration simple an easy. This offers accommodation from fully furnished apartments, rooms, vilas to any independent homes. After their flexi rental model, this allows one to rent their house for the few days and few months.

Kiran further says that being new concept this requires educating people in their rental and travel domain. “During initial days, the challenge was to make owners understand that they can earn better revenues and it required persistence and patience,” he says.

Kiran awards success to its team‘s undying spirit says, “Team work and active participation of every member turned out to be the secret of our success.”

They begin working with the cataloguing their unsold apartments and will be ready to occupy their independent home along with their aggregating service apartments. They saw a huge gap between their rental space and service apartments.

Their research team saw their clients were no satisfied with then prevalent services and were not willing to pay for their service apartments. This is tome when they introduced their excellent services with full features. And now they are providing their flawless services at 100 furnished apartments and they may racket themselves. They provided their well furnished apartments located across HSR, BTM, Electronic city and JP Nagar and others.