BlackBerry releases the first software update for its PRIV Android smartphone

BlackBerry releases the first software update for its PRIV Android smartphone

BlackBerry has finally started the rolling out of security update for PRIV Android smartphone. To recall, at the time of launching the PRIV, BlackBerry promised to release monthly security updates for the handset and now its going accordingly.

The company noted that the release of monthly security updates for the OS is very important in order to keep the PRIV device secure and users data private.

Users who purchased the PRIV from ShopBlackBerry should start receiving update notifications OTA (over-the-air) while those who purchased the device via carrier are expected to receive it starting Monday. The company announced via its blog that the update is about 475MB in size and the update brings productivity and security improvements for the device.

“Our first maintenance release is available to all PRIVs purchased through ShopBlackBerry (and to carrier-purchased PRIVs starting on December 7),” the company noted on the blog.

How to download Priv’s software update

When the update becomes available for your PRIV, you can download the update by following the below steps:

  1. Connect to a Wi-Fi network before downloading the update, in order to avoid unnecessary data charges.
  2. Look for the update alert in your phone’s notifications tray. You can also check for software updates by going to Settings -> About -> System Updates and tapping the “Check for Updates” button.
  3. Choose to apply the update, and it will download in the background. You can continue to use your PRIV while it does so.
  4. Restart your phone to complete the installation process.


Once your PRIV device is updated you’ll witness improvements which include an improved camera with fast camera app and better low-light image quality. The overall system performance will also improved, and stability improvements for device reliability and reduced instances of crashing/ freezing.