LinkedIn’s new Facebook-like app now available for iOS and Android

LinkedIn’s new Facebook-like app now available for iOS and Android

A new app similar to facebook has been initiated by LinkedIn and bringing good news for the LinkedIn users. The company has released a new improved design of it’s main application on Tuesday. The new app which was first previewed in October makes it look more similar to Facebook and other Social Media Apps. So, LinkedIn just gave its flagship app a major facelift.

Why Linked in App in similar to Facebook and other useful features

Most People who are using Facebook are familiar that how can we control what’s being posted on our wall and how can we filter the posts or what comes first and other updates or whom to follow and how to remove one self from unwanted tags etc. So like Facebook, the new app on linkedIn is centered around a central feed which shows you updates from people in your network and content they are sharing on LinkedIn.

Similar to Facebook’s News Feed, the app filters which updates you’ll see based on what you’re most likely to be interested in — and the company says the feature will get better over time as you use the app more.

“The app is absolutely flavored with learnings and code from our different apps,” Redfern says, noting the parallels between both Pulse and Connected. The updated app also includes the newly-refreshed messaging features and an overhauled search feature that LinkedIn says is 300% faster than the previous app.

All of the new features are available now on iOS and Android.

LinkedIn more about professionals

Jonathan Redfern, LinkedIn’s VP of Product, tells Mashable. “We’ve moved from a feed that was a lot about your connections to a feed that’s more about the professional topics and interests you choose to follow.” “The core for the mobile product and the spine of the app, has always been this feed,”

The home feed is structured a lot like LinkedIn’s recently-revamped Pulse app so you may also see posts from people in your extended network and articles that are popular among people with similar jobs.

Outside of the feed, there’s a “My Network” section, which serves up suggested people you may know, as well as cards with bite-sized updates about your connected friends, such as work anniversaries and new jobs. If that sounds familiar, that’s because it’s similar to LinkedIn’s Connected app, which revolves around updates like these.