Product Hunt for iOS secures big update

Product Hunt for iOS secures big update

Product Hunt has rolled out new update for gaming enthusiasts. It is very useful for regular users. The community site focusing on games, tech, podcasts, books and other things have unveiled this feature to cater to its fans and users. The feature will help them in availing all desired help and gaming solutions with enhanced solutions as well.

This basic app was available since last one year and with this revamped version they will be reflecting how much its community has grown in years and in 16 months.

This can be now support for games, books, and podcasts. Podcasts in specific might be having some favor and with this in-app podcast player making it great for anyone who would like to discover new things to listen to on their daily commute. This can be rather much hyped solutions for the player and developers.

These can also now will be taking part in Product Hunt’s AMA style chats with notable creators right from the app. In short, the revamped app shall be reflecting which product hunt of late 2015. This looks a whole lot nicer than the old app also and Popular feed is making attractive way to begin exploring on its offer.

Product Hunt founder and CEO, Ryan Hoover said that startup wanted to perfect the mobile experience on apple devices before taking it to other platforms. Here they shall be making the available app use in enhancing their services and quality control as well. This is aimed to enhance the gaming experience and shall be making their given solutions as well. They shall be utilizing the given solutions related to gaming experiments for the developers.