India looks ahead with digital solution!

India looks ahead with digital solution!

Indian companies and government effort are fast catching up with global digitization speed. A fast data transferring, storage and high speed at different platforms are ensuring the emergence of real innovative and skilled power to digital democracy, announcing real knowledge sharing with next generation networking. Meanwhile,

Meanwhile, Intel has unveiled large number of initiatives to support the government’s digital India initiative which includes the Intel India maker lab which offers infrastructure to growing entrepreneurs and their platforms, International Science & Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) which stimulates a culture belonging to innovation and technology-enabled transformation in youth and Innovate for digital Indian challenge.

In April 2015, DST and Intel unveiled the innovate for Digital India challenge which was an invitation to its aspiring or present innovators and entrepreneurs to develop intuitive and easy to use solutions to drive technology adoption and create applications which can accelerate the e-governance delivery services  through eKranti/ MyGov apps on its mobile platforms.

The challenge attracted 1,900 entries from their all over India. It’s top 10 winning teams and their ideas were declared on November 20.

Among its top ten finalists were Indian TTS, text to speech engine being built on Intel Edison board for Indian languages, with a strong emphasis on its rhythm and speech prosody which is close to natural enunciation. The solution will help them in different end users like local guides, alert systems in manufacturing interactive voice response software.

This will be allowing a machine to speak for itself being based on the situation at hand and the response has been programmed to offer.

Intel is sponsoring this article. Making its bid to offer a broader support to the Digital India initiative, Intel has unveiled multiple steps like the intel India Maker lab which offers infrastructure to budding platforms and  entrepreneurs, the international science and engineering fair.

Earlier during the smartphone era dawn, Umesh Sachdev and Ravi Saraogi had the vision to build a mobile production.