HTC One A9 offers quality innovator feel

HTC One A9 offers quality innovator feel

HTC’ role as innovators input in android growth will remain unquestioned. And this will be propelling the young platform to their fullest potential. The Taiwanese company built the first ever android phone as well as the first nexus. HTC’s history is recorded and One A9 smartphone will be standing out as the android pioneer will be trying to build an iPhone.

HTC is cultivating signature aluminum unibody design, characterized by a specific mix of subtle curves and precise straight lines. The company’s designer have already spoken related to keeping its phones understandable as HTC products at first sight and this year One M9 stayed true to ethos with a remix of two predecessors designs. The new one A9 discards much of its heritage and opts for the iPhone look.

Its back has been flattened and the stereo speakers were replaced by a new home button with their built-in fingerprint reader and corners were exact same radius as the iPhone. There is no question that this is iPhone clone.

It had not stopped with only copying iPhone’s looks. The one A9 battery is closer in size to iPhone than the android average and rest of specs will also be appearing to pay mind to usual android spec race.

Instead, HTC will be prioritizing software with their 5-inch One A9 being the first non-nexus device to ship with the recent Android Marshmallow targeting to make an integrated and optimized users feel.

This is like HTC taking a look at Google and Apple and two biggest winners of the mobile world and decided that the way to revitalize its own slumping fortunes to combine the best of both. Apple’s appealing form and Google’s multifaceted function.

This is mid range phone with nothing special around it and shall not read the spec sheet, Using the one A9 has shown me a phone which makes other companies flagship smartphones.

This will be starting with the design. This has those iPhone-aping qualities of thinness, lightness, and round sides and HTC had added a couple of extra touches which they will be really enjoying. The ridged power button much in style on Motorola recent phones is easy to find by touch alone and a tactile contrast between its roughness and smooth forms.