Robots to judge maiden global beauty contest!

Robots to judge maiden global beauty contest!

Robots will be judging maiden global beauty contest this time. After proving their mettle in genetic engineering, artificial intelligence or other technology related task or simple daily chores, robots are everywhere and are inching towards human competence level. One can see them appearing everywhere from driving cars, cooking dinner and working as pets and now with  this beauty judging show, it will be adding another feather in its hat.

Here the users don’t give machine intelligence much importance while selecting a beauty. However, things have changed and this time world’s first global beauty contest will exclusively be judged by robot jury.

The contest requiring participants to take selfies through its special app and submitting them to contest the website and now touting sophisticated facial recognition algorithms allowing robot in judging beauty in new and improved way.

In the contest, robots will be analyzing many age related changes on human face and evaluating the impact on these changes perception by people of different races, ages, ethnicities and nationalities.

Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov, a consultant, CEO of Insilco Medicine, a bioinformatics company focusing on aging research, says “Recent advances in Deep Learning have made machine recognition of beauty aspects far better than ever before.”

Machine intelligence capabilities were steadily growing in sophistication each year. Experts quoting Moore’s law where microchips  double in computing power around each 24 months an may not hold up as well as it had in last two decades. If Moore’s law failed in future then new month of computing like quantum computing may again set the industry on breakneck development speeds.

Part of AI beauty framework may not be limited to humans submitting selfies and also programmers submitting their best algorithms for machine detection of beauty. Near the contest bottom website  is a link for algorithm  submissions which take coders to a page saying, “Would you like to go down in history as one of the first data scientists who taught a machine to estimate human attractiveness?”

“This contest will help build impartial feature-specific and general robots that will help us understand our faces. But my personal dream is to have this contest extended into anti-aging and general healthcare space,” said Nastya Georgievskaya, robot tutor at Youth Laboratories.