Voters to test presidential candidate with political ad archive this time

Voters to test presidential candidate with political ad archive this time

Political TV Ad archive will be a decision affecting tool in this US Presidential election. As social, networking sites are witnessing hectic political activities, its use can make the contest tougher and interesting. This new project brought us by Internet Archive.

Targeted specifically at journalists and is open to all who are keen on checking whether potential candidates are sharing porkies, the archives will collate and then analyze TV ads from key states using their audio fingerprinting.

In collaboration with number of political fact checking organizations, the site will be seeking to offer information on truth of claims made in different ads as well as offering down loadable meta-data showing exactly who funded its campaign.

The free tool will go live in 20 ‘Key markets’ including the key state of Iowa after briefing Washington DC next week.

The Internet Archive says, “Political TV ad spending is expected to be in the billions. Yet the same local stations that air the ads provide very little solid reporting on politics. Even fewer correct misinformation in the ads.”

The project is helped by it innovation in journalism project Knight News Challenge, the national press Club Journalism Institute, The Washington Post’s fact checker, and others.

It is believed that US polls witness undue influence of big money and due to this reason Bernie Sanders,  and Barack Obama tried to enhance the money amount to be given to them by ordinary voters.

Sanders broke Obama’s record for its kind of donations in December last year. Twitter has reinstated it political monitoring platform and pulling up politicians who try to delete embarrassing tweets. 2016 looks like a year where politicians will not find any space to hide on web.