Apple Watch 2 Trial production may begin this month: Quanta report

Apple Watch 2 Trial production may begin this month: Quanta report

If the new report from China is to be believed, the trial production of the unannounced Apple Watch 2 is expected to begin soon. Quanta Computer Incorporated is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of notebook computers and other electronic hardware. It is the largest manufacturer of notebook computers in the world.

According to Commercial times (via G for Games), the Taiwanese website, the new Apple Watch 2 will be manufactured by Quanta, which was also responsible for last year’s production of the original smartwatch.

This week it was discovered that Apple has posted four job listings centered around health technologies, suggesting possible improvements on the first generation Apple Watch’s health and fitness features. Although it has yet to be confirmed by Apple, rumors regarding the new Apple Watch include a thinner case, FaceTime camera, and an upgraded Wi-Fi chip for more independence from the iPhone.

The report stating eagerness from Quanta to begin production for second version of Apple Watch 2 comes as a surprise because there was a rumour in November 2015 saying that Apple earned less profit than expected on the original Apple Watch.

For the same reason, the leading technology company may be looking for new suppliers of the device (in addition to keeping on Quanta to take the brunt majority of the line), including Foxconn, Wistron, and Inventec.