Next Games bag $10M

Next Games bag $10M

Finland’s Next Games have bagged renowned $10 million from present investors to fuel its present future games and present titles. The Finnish company stated that The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land , the official mobile game was based on AMC’s hit TV series and enjoys downloading rate over 10 million times.

This latter fact is one reason why the company was able to keep developing money. IDG Ventures and Jari Ovaskainen headed the recent fund round. Its other backers include AMC Networks, Lionsgate, IDG capital and Lowercase.

It has released in October the walking dead: No Man’s Land and have hit their top 100 grossing games in over 80 countries on the app store and over 70 countries on Google Play. The game is gripping tactical action title and will be continuing to bag enthusiastic reviews from their players. It will be bagging their big content update as season 6 of the TV shows will be returning on this February.

Next Games – Helsinki based startup stated that its frontier adventure game, Compass Point: West will be available to android in March. The original game is launched on iOS in March 2015.

“2015 was a banner year for Next Games. We succeeded in attracting senior international talent, growing from 45 to 70 employees, while launching two highly successful products: The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, based on AMC’s blockbuster TV series, and Compass Point: West,“ said Teemu Huuhtanen, CEO of Next Games. “We are thrilled to see our existing investors fully committed to supporting Next Games’ ambitious expansion plans for 2016 and beyond.”

“Compass Point: West has proven that it can sustain itself and the team developing it,” said Saara Bergstrom, head of marketing at Next Games. “The game has been out on iOS thus far, and it is launching on Android this March, which brings in a whole new audience.”

She added, “It’s our very first game release and we are pleased with the game’s numbers for both retention and monetization. The ad integration has worked very well for us since we treated it as a game feature embedded in the game’s core loop rather than a separate ad display functionality. As a result, over 75 percent of Compass Point: West players opt-in to watch an ad, which is a remarkable figure.”