Record your travel experience Record your travel experience is a mobile app which allow travelers to share their travel experiences easily in real time. It is founded by 4 engineers from IITs, NITs and University of Chicago. aims to evolve as social travel platform, where authentic, complete and well structured travel stories can be discovered. Users rate every travel story and prospective travelers discover the ones that are of interest to them.

Travel memories are a collection of photographs, moments, places, conversations, romantic  experiences and a lot more. However, over a period of time, all that remains of these memories  are scattered photographs, lost acquaintances and vague recollections of travel details, thereby ruining the fun in reliving and relishing them.

Mayank Gupta is a CEO and founder of who completed his B.Tech from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Allahabad and MBA from CUHK Business School and Booth School of Business, University of Chicago. He started his career in 2005 with Computer Associates and then had a brief stint at Tech Mahindra. He, along with founders Santosh Joshi, Ayan Agarwal and Shadman Anwer conceived the idea of Triplived to empower travellers’ record and share their travel experiences in a structure that prospective travellers can easily discover and reuse.

Santosh and Ayan together have more than 9 years of experience in travel domain with companies such as MakemyTrip. Shadman is an IIT Delhi geek with extensive experience of building consumer mobile apps. The web is overdosed with travel information but most of it is fragmented and lack the structure needed. Triplived addresses this gap through auto recording of travel stories.

While the traveler enjoys his/her trip, Triplived intelligently detects moments to be captured and makes them a part of the travel story. An awesome feature of the application is location based crowd sourced suggestions to help the traveler make better travel decisions. The application scans thousands of suggestions, and shares those that are most relevant to the traveller and suits her taste. Once the trip is complete, the travel story is converted into a short video that can be cherish for a lifetime.

Travel memories are important and needs to be preserved well. Every travel story has a strong social and commercial value, still less than 0.1% of the travelers record them in a reusable structure because recording them is a tedious task – blogs. Triplived solves the problem by automating recoding of travel story and simplifying experience capturing. The entire story is ready within minutes with minimum intervention from the travelers. There is no platform that hosts auto recorded authentic travel stories that can be used for trip planning. This is one of the key needs of travel industry that runs on reviews and suggestions.

Billions of travel photographs, reviews and suggestions are being shared on the internet every day and billions of users are consuming it. Since all this data is fragmented, generated primarily for social consumptions and instant gratification – the real value is being lost, a huge loss to the industry. The founders at Triplived strongly believe that every travel story needs to be preserved and it has a strong social and commercial value.