Google to build Cardboard v2, inching closer to Virtual Reality dream

Google to build Cardboard v2, inching closer to Virtual Reality dream

Google was hailed for first time when it introduced the tech world with its low-cost Cardboard VR headsets for smartphones. It is now testing the second version of its VR viewing device and is likely to release later in 2016.

The next version of cardboard will be featuring plastic body along with enhanced lenses and sensors. It may be appearing like Gear VR headset developed by Oculus and Samsung which went on sale towards the last year end for $100.

However, unlike the Gear VR, which works with only a number of Samsung phones, Google headset will work with much wider range of devices. In addition, Google is said to be testing its new VR software  and is planning to integrate into Android for an improved experience.

Google isn’t officially sharing details related to its next version headset, but its past working hinted towards the development of an advanced VR. On its earning call in last week, CEO Sundar Pichai said cardboard was “just the  first step in VR” and that “Beyond these early efforts you’ll see a lot more from us and our partners in 2016.” Thus the chances are strong that users may be getting another dose of  VR  solutions this year. This has hinted that it is keen on introducing their VR solution as soon as possible in this month.

Google was working on its VR Android edition and according to recent inputs Google will likely want a flagship device to showcase its immersive VR technology if launched.

Digi Capital, virtual and augmented reality consulting firm claims that the movies, games and interactive experiences VR market will be around $30 billion by 2020. People shall be spending substantial time in virtual worlds than they will be doing now and seemed like Google wants to get on as early as they can. VR viewing device could be reality in 2016.