A closer look at the Study Helper – phone locker

A closer look at the Study Helper – phone locker

Is your smartphone distracting you from your studies?A study,education,app is necessary to help you avoid distractions caused by your smartphone. A good app providing high quality service is Study Helper – phone locker.

Concept Of The App
The concept of this app is quite easy to understand. Basically, Study Helper – phone locker locks down your smartphone or iPhone to ensure that you are free from distractions and therefore keeps you focused on your studies.

When you want to start working or studying, you can start this app to ensure that you’re free from any distractions. It is an incredible application that is compatible with Android 4.0.3+.

This application blocks any obstruction while you’re studying to ensure that your concentration is always 100%.

Study Helper - phone locker

Below are some of the features of this application.
– The app is able to record your study time by subject.
– It also selects the apps you need for your study and blocks the apps that are not necessary for your particular study.
– It is worth noting that this application also blocks notifications so as to ensure that you don’t lose focus.
– The use of your smartphone is also blocked for a particular period of time.
– Provides you with daily, weekly or monthly statistics.
– Study Helper -phone locker also provides you with an option of viewing your study records which are measured by seconds.
The block feature of this app requires a phone administrator for this particular feature to work. If you want to remove this app, you’re required to unlock the phone administrator .

What Makes The App Stand Out ?
This app is quite unique and the reasons below make it to stand out from other apps.
– The application has been installed by very many users. Currently ,It has been installed by 10,000+ users.
– It provides users with high quality service. For this reason, its average rating in Google Play Store is 4.0 .
– This application is not complicated and is easy to use due to its simplistic nature.
– Study Helper -phone locker occupies only 22.21MB on your device.
– The app has helped more than 900,000 students in South Korea and it has proven to be very effective .
– It has a complete lock-down mode which allows students to be fully focused on their studies.
– This app has proven to increase study habits of many users by helping them avoid distractions caused by their smartphones.

Study helper is an incredible app that is helping many users to develop or increase their study habits by keeping them focused. You can download the Study Helper – phone locker app from Google Play.