Wizikey launches Media Love Campaign – Infographic

Wizikey launches Media Love Campaign – Infographic

Wizikey, a tech PR startup, today launched its #MediaLove campaign for Valentine’s Day. The campaign aims to aid brands across industries to find out brand’s own reputation and against competition in the media.

Wizikey recently carried out an analysis “Media Love” – an index of news mentions of popular personalities in Bollywood, Politics and Startups. In a 90 day horizon it was evaluated that Bollywood among the Khans, Aamir Khan at an index of 1, got the least mentions whereas Salman Khan & Shah Rukh Khan respectively got 50 percent and 60 percent more than Aamir Khan.

In the great Indian political circus, Narendra Modi humbled both Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi in hogging media limelight. While Kejriwal had 20 percent more mentions than Rahul Gandhi, at an index of 1, the Prime Minister got staggering 450 percent more mentions than the Congress Vice President.

In the race of startups, media’s favorite spokespersons included, Kunal Bahl, Sachin Bansal and Bhavish Aggarwal. At an index of 1, Bhavish Aggarwal, was slightly behind the counterparts; Kunal Bahl was ahead by 27 percent and Sachin Bansal was ahead by 34 percent

The data is based on a curated list of 150 top publications. Mentions on select personalities were aggregated, and indexed within a vertical.

The media love campaign will enable brands to get similar analysis on their reputation in the media. To reap the benefits of this campaign brands need to send their name and their competition name by 14th February 2016 to get a free reputation analysis report within 10 working days.

Commenting on the campaign, Wizikey Co-founder and CEO Aditi Bhargava said, “Through the #MediaLove initiative, we are hoping to reach out to more brands and help them maximise the potential of their PR offerings. In a digital world, Wizikey is a CEO’s power tool to effectively compare, analyse the industry they operate in and take their PR & marketing strategy to the next level.”

According to the company, “Wizikey enables users to track news in less than 5 seconds, compare and analyse with competition in less than 30 seconds and build an influencer lists in less than 30 minutes, on a curated database of 150+ news publications.”

The Gurgaon-based Wizikey founding team, the sister duo, includes IIT Kharagpur & ISB alum Aditi Bhargava, and SRCC & MICA alum Aakriti Bhargava. There are 100 startups and over 500 users registered on the platform. The platform has crawled a million news items and has collected information on more than 15000 influencers.

Here is an Infographic by Wizikey on Media Love Campaign:

MediaLove infographic