Google prepares to give Picasa the Ax

Google prepares to give Picasa the Ax

Google is finally making the decision to stop investing in its dated image organizer Picasa and focus on the newer Google Photos. Google will no longer be supporting Picasa as of March 16, 2016.

Google has made significant efforts to make the transition to Google Photos as painless as possible for dedicated Picasa users. The Picasa desktop application will continue working as normal for anyone who downloads it before March 16, with the fact that there will be no more updates.

Picasa Web Album photos will be automatically be transferred to Google Photos, and Google has also said that it will create “a new place for you to access your Picasa Web Albums Data,” although there hasn’t been a lot of details regarding this feature.

Despite all of that, there will still be people resisting the change. Some Picasa users are concerned about the fact that specific metadata hasn’t quite made the transition to Google Photos yet, and other users cling to the aging product out of sentimentality and convenience.

Still, this change will likely help Google as it continues to reorganize and modernize. What do you think?