Use Of Smartphone in Our Daily Life – Infographic

Use Of Smartphone in Our Daily Life – Infographic

How we use Smartphones

MWC is just round the corner and some of the major brands like Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, etc. are going to be revealing their flagships for the year. The technology is advancing at a great rate. There are two things which we expect will become mainstream in 2016: water proof sets and ‘Always On’ displays. In fact, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is already rumored to have a waterproof display. Whether it’s true or not, we will find out in just a couple of days. In the meantime, let us update you on some really cool facts and figures about smartphone usage.

The Background Perspective

To give you an overall perspective: the number of smartphones in the world currently stand at around 1.4 billion as compared to PC figures, which stand at around 2 billion. The total world population is around 7.1 billion.

The number of mobile devices, which includes smartphones and tablets, is set to exceed a whopping 7.7 billion by the end of this year. Yes, that means that the number of mobile devices will roughly equal the number of people in the world.

Of course, there are more people in the developed world using smartphones, when compared to the underdeveloped world. But, it does give you a general idea of its importance.

The Uses

Different people have different uses for a smartphone. But, they can be roughly summed up in the following:

  • The greatest use is for entertainment. On YouTube alone, people watch more than 80 million hours of video content on their mobile phones daily. And around 88% of Americans use their smartphones, while watching TV.
  • Social Media is another great reason of why people use smartphones. Facebook has over 370 million daily users, followed by 76 million Twitter users. It is a great way to stay connected with you friends and family.
  • Google has released data over the past year which clearly indicates that more than 50% of its search queries are being generated from mobile platforms. This is the reason why your site has to be optimized for mobile platforms if it is to be ranked high in the SERPs.
  • People no longer turn towards their laptops and PCs to search for things, smartphones are the search partners of the day.

Pattern of Usage

Now, let us go through some apparently useless patterns and the associated figures. Who does not love a bit figure quoting! The nerd in us…

  • The average time that an American spends on his smartphone stands at 3.3 hours.
  • This time is twice the amount of time that we spend eating.
  • 75% of Americans bring their smartphones to the bathroom. We can all relate to this. After all, there is no better time to match some candies right?
  • One in four Mobile US phone users will redeem coupons via their smartphones. Compare this with $1.1 billion smartphone transactions and the savings are just amazing.

So, if you do not own a reliable smartphone, you may want to update your phone because it is the future. And now we can keep our fingers crossed for the MWC announcements again.

However, if you would prefer the above in the form of an infographic, we have just the thing for you.



Use Of Smartphone in Our Daily Life

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