Facebook attracts video makers with minutes watched and 10 second metrics

Facebook attracts video makers with minutes watched and 10 second metrics

Facebook has offered more metrics to video makers to know the time spent on watching videos by visitors. So when people will be watching lucrative videos, the maker will get an exact information related to viewers liking. It has  come out with details of what works in the ad world and what viewers wants to see.

Facebook page insights will now be showing the total minutes spent watching each of its videos and number of times people watched a video up to 10-second market or 97% of the visitors watched the video if it’s less than 10 seconds.

Its page insight includes following features like Minutes Watched, 10-Second Views, Views, Unique Viewers, Average % Completion, Audience Retention and Average View Duration.

It recent study with Nielsen has discovered “47% of the value in a video campaign was delivered in the first three seconds”. Still, creators want to know what videos are good enough to actually watch, not just pretty enough to slow down for while scrolling.

With its 100 million hours watched and 8 billion views per day, videos on facebook are of high quality. In comparison to YouTube where people search for view specific videos and see what its favorite creators have released. Facebook video viewing can be a bit problematic.

But this is also an opportunity and Facebook is a daily addiction for billion people watching content from friends. As long as videos are good, these metrics will be helping facebook could backup more views and focus on video makers and tackle competitors like YouTube.