Researchers develop bendable smartphone

Researchers develop bendable smartphone

Researchers at Queen’s University have developed ReFlex, the world’s first full-color, bendable smartphone.

This phone can be bent to some extreme angles without breaking, and the phone’s bend sensors and active haptic feedback allow for greater variety in user-device interaction. For example, when reading an e-book, bending the phone can lead to fast and realistic page turning, and vibrations from the phone give the user an immersive experience not unlike those provided by contemporary gaming controllers.

A voice coil within the device can also provide a virtual sense of friction through small vibrations, furthering realism.

“When a user plays the ‘Angry Birds’ game with ReFlex, they bend the screen to stretch the sling shot,” said Dr. Roel Vertegaal, coordinator of the ReFlex development at Queen’s University, “As the rubber band expands, users experience vibrations that simulate those of a real stretching rubber band. When released, the band snaps, sending a jolt through the phone and sending the bird flying across the screen.”

ReFlex’s development team believes that this device is five years away from hitting the market, but it already seems like a pretty interesting device. What do you think?