WordPress sites now support Google’s AMP to reduced Mobile page loading time

WordPress sites now support Google’s AMP to reduced Mobile page loading time

Google will soon be sharing its plan to make web use faster for users’ mobile phone. The company has added AMP enabled pages in its mobile search results.

AMP is an open source project which borrows some ideas from Facebook’s Instant Article and bringing them to its open web. An AMP  enabled page loads four times faster  and can be useful when these are in middle of nowhere  with its bad cell reception.

The WordPress team has followed the project and shall be working on its own AMP implementation. Beginning today, any website on WordPress.com can support AMP. Self hosted WordPress websites can also enable AMP while installing plugin. WordPress.com VIP customers like FiveThirtyEight , TechCrunch, Fortune and Quartz can enable support for AMP.

AMP is mostly targeted towards news article for now. Whenever they search for news story on Google there is now carousal of AMP enabled stories. Nuzzle app also serves AMP- enabled pages when it can. It will be supporting AMP.  How does it searches. If the users are an AMP powered WordPress site, you can add /amp” at the URL end and can get optimized versions. Here is an example on longereads. It is stripped down version of normal post.

AMP worked with ad networks like Outbrain, AOL, OpenX, DoubleClick and AdSense, to make optimized tags for mobile pages. They can add analytic tools and java scripts calls will be optimized.

The WordPress sites offer various hooks in its code to customize AMP template and company will work on an easier customizing interface for wordpress.com sites.

Google’s product manager for the AMP project Rudy Galfi says “We still want to make sure we show users the answer to their questions and give them the best experience,” Galfi said — and while that’s true, it is a universal fact in the tech world that AMP offers super experience than standard mobile pages.