Facebook to live-stream video on Android

Facebook to live-stream video on Android

Facebook will be bringing its live video streaming services to android phones within the next week, the company declared. The Android rollout will begin users in US before expanding to other countries.

The Facebook Live feature allowing users in broadcasting live video through the company flagship mobile app in the beginning on iOS in the US. It is available in over 30 countries and Facebook says its plans to bring to new markets “within the coming weeks”.

Live video has been a focus point for Facebook in recent months and looks to broaden its News Feed to include more real-time content. In a post declaring the android rollout, Facebook said the average time its users spend watching live video is three times longer than when the video is not live. Over 50 percent of android users are watching live content through Facebook Live.

Facebook will enable users in sharing experiences and perspective with people close and known to them. Apart from this broadcasting feature they can get in touch with global people.

Here live video on Facebook could be authentic and exciting and will see average people watching live video more than three times. Android love interacting with live videos and according to reports 50% of people watch live video making use of Android devices.

They shall continue to start bringing the ability to broadcast live to countries and people in over 30 countries. They can discover live videos from friends and public figures and can follow right here.