Talkwheel taken over by Clickable

Talkwheel taken over by Clickable

Talkwheel, company which offers a novel way to visualize client’s online talk has been taken-over by Clickable.

The company estimates online conversation around its provided topic or company in circular format and is suppose to help them in following often dispersed and complicated conversations. The format can be embedded on brand website, offers one place where users can meet and take part in the broader conversation.

Its founder CEO Jeff Harris stated that alkwheel has seen revenues grow by around 400 percent annually in past 2 years. At the same time, there’s been “a lot of consolidation going in the social media marketing space,” and Talkwheel start owning discussions with other company in late 2015.

Finally, Harris stated Clickable was its better fit and he appreciated its social media monitoring tools and listening stated Talkwheel adds “that consumer-facing piece” to the Clickable platform.

The financial details related to acquisition were not shared. Haris stated that it shall be  involving mix of cash  and equity with Talkwheel shall be continuing to function as an free organization and products under Clickable  umbrella and searching for potential integrations. The entire nine-person Talkwheel team shall be joining at least for transition process with Harris himself staying on for foreseeable future.