TeamWave common service platform ensure better growth

TeamWave common service platform ensure better growth

Teamwave is an integrated suite of business applications, applications like CRM, Project Management, HRIS, Invoicing, Analytics & Contact Management, kind of things that small/medium businesses need,” said one of the founders Shuhaib Shariff. Teamwave is product of Doublespring an agency doing customer service like web application development, mobile application  development etc. Shuhaib stated that DoubleSpring had customer base in North America and Teamwave made their task easy.

DoubleSpring was set up by Shuhaib Shariff  and Shabeer Ayar. Shuihaib has over 12 years of experience in marketing, product development, sales, user experience startups and design and Shabeer had worked with companies like Tony Harris , Genesis, Wipro, Fire Eye.

Shuhaib sharing its monetization plans said, “Right now monetisation is not our priority and when we do get to a point of scale, at that time we’ll roll out a premium version of the same.” The premium version will be including marketing automation, integration like GitHub and Slack. Its normal version will be available for free for the startups to use.

Its services were being used by over 2,000 companies and user base will be around 20,000, he added.

Shuhaib said, “We’re not looking to raise funds now, but six months down the line, yes.” He also claimed to have been approached by an investor but the company is currently content till the point of scale. It is not facing any competition so far.