Meet Brain, a potential replacement for Google

Meet Brain, a potential replacement for Google

Jerry Yue, 24-year old Chinese entrepreneur, is working to launch Brain LLC, a company that seeks to change the way we obtain and consume information on the Internet by using an advanced, human-like algorithm to reinvent the internet browser.

Brain’s advanced algorithm, the engineers claim, gives only the most contextually relevant information to a user without the need to go through pages and pages of search results. Not only will this serve to complement the user’s own brain, but it will be a virtual assistant to each user that uses a profile of who the users are, what the users are doing right now, and what the users want to do in the future.

If successful, Brain could easily replace all existing search engines by not only giving contextually relevant news and search results, but give contextually relevant information for a user in any situation, at any time.

This might sound overly ambitious, but as of right now, Brain LLC’s technology has already been answering questions on Quora using an incredible degree of accuracy.

“At a high level… if Google is a search engine this is an ambition engine,” Yue said.

Brain LLC has already raised $1.5 million from an influential Chinese investor. You can sign up for its launch here: