Facebook launches canvas Ads

Facebook launches canvas Ads

Facebook  is opting to give advertisers, a way to reach people without making them leave social network, has launched its canvas ad for all advertisers. The users accessing its news feed automatically are connected to Canvas, opening full screen, rich media page inside of Facebook than forcing users in waiting for mobile website to loading.

Facebook started testing Canvas last year. Now Mobile sites have almost tripled in size heading to five to ten second load times where users don’t want to sit through till the end of ads. The rich media type marketing experiences are considered very slow on mobile and Facebook has built its ads endpoints into its own app so that it can pre-load and show them about one second delay. Its constraints low power mobile sites will put on content.

Facebook Canvas allowed its interactive elements like products catalogs, animations, carousels, tilt view to videos and images.

Here brands can be building Canvas ads with itsself tool and no code is required. Its design tool would be allowing them in dragging images, GIFs, videos and others. These shall be setting attributes and will be beginning to start showing ads. Facebook ad executives Mark D’Arcy stated “The only thing they can’t make, really, is excuses.”

Canvas will not be leading to more ads on facebook. Users will be identifying canvas ads by its little upward arrow denoting that the full screen experience will come in front.

Advertisers will not be burdened with additional costs in building canvas ads. Businesses shall be paying for its news feed and will be reaching to build better destination where they headed. Various versions of canvas can be aimed at different demographies like normal facebook ads.