Fashion marketplace Voonik’s Co-founder: Day 1 Recollections

Fashion marketplace Voonik’s Co-founder: Day 1 Recollections

A firsthand experience account from fashion marketplace founder is an invaluable learning experience for all. Voonik, a personalized focused fashion owe this to its co-founder Sujayath Ali , the man who dared and shared his vision to make it numero uno in the highly competitive fashion world. He fondly recollects his day one at this fashion startup’s journey at Chennai office welcoming him.

He says, “It was day 1 for our startup, I entered our new office, situated on a busy congested road in Chennai on the first floor of an old church building. This office has been home for two startups before – one is now a big company growing leaps and bounds; the other just got funding and moved out. I was greeted with a small hall filled with leftovers of previous tenants including cleaning items, hardware accessories, pipes, water dispenser cylinders and more things that I cannot identify. It did not help that packers and movers had also left my household items in office, since I hadn’t yet find a place to live (I just returned from US a week ago).”

Bringing a minute detailed account of events taking place he states, “I opened the restroom door and found the room covered with dust and cobwebs. I opened the tap and there was no water. In the next room, I saw my co-founders Navaneeth, Nikhilesh, and Muthuselvam busily working. They said “Hi” and got back to their work. It was relatively nice looking Air-conditioned room, which can seat 8 people.”

After being greeted by his fellows he continues, “Navaneeth came by my side and informed that internet connection was not working and quickly added that the chairs are not good, flooring needs to be fixed, there is no power backup, and that we are yet to get a cleaning lady. We both looked at each other and then smiled as we knew that our exciting new journey has begun. I went and started cleaning the rest room a bit to make it usable. The rest of the day for me was spent in cleaning and setting up the office.”

This shows that top people dare to get their hands dirty, literraly in the case of  Sujayath Ali.

And after successful day ending , he had  this to share, “That night when I went for the bed, I had a new, satisfying feeling. This was the most fulfilling day in my entire career, no kidding.” He knew Voonik have miles to go before it disrupts the Fashion world.