Rainbow Six Siege 2.2 patch notes brings new Anti-Cheating Measures and more

Rainbow Six Siege 2.2 patch notes brings new Anti-Cheating Measures and more

A new patch update for Rainbow Six Siege will be rolled out today on Tuesday, March 1 for PC, and later it will be rolled out for consoles including PS4 and Xbox One on March 2. Ubisoft announced on Sunday via its website.

According to Ubisoft, the new 2.2 patch update to ensure a solid competitive experience before the start of the Rainbow Six Pro League focusing the elements such as cheating Measures, exploits and spawn killing counter-measures as well as minor tweaks and bug fixes.

Ubisoft has also added a Report Button feature which will allow players to flag suspicious behaviors. Those reports will feed directly to our cheating counter-measures to increase their effectiveness.

Along with these new features, the new patch update also includes new kill cam for ranked matches, newly changed playlist, which includes new custom game setting: infinite overtime rounds.

“When Overtime Score Difference is set to 2, combined with an infinite Overtime Rounds amount, the game will be resolved only if a team wins by a +2 differential,” Ubisoft said. “This ensures the fairest outcome to a match (since our game is asymmetric).”

Ubisoft has also made a number of tweaks to spawn locations with the aim of reducing the amount of spawn-killing.

“We have altered multiple spawn positions and covers within spawning location areas in order to ensure that players spawning within them are protected from the Defenders.”

A full list of the new patch note can be found on Ubisoft’s website.