SoundHound launches Hound, a Virtual Assistant app for Android, iOS

SoundHound launches Hound, a Virtual Assistant app for Android, iOS

SoundHound, an app that lets you search and identify music being played around you has launched its new virtual assistant for Android and iOS called Hound and interestingly the app will be available as free for download.

The new Hound virtual assistant comes with several features including some of the basic features such as the ability to set a reminder and alarm, which you can find in any other virtual assistant app like Siri, Google Now, and Cortana.

Based on its tap and voice command feature you can listen to jokes and can also check the weather by giving it a voice command.

You can also do more with this new Hound virtual app because the Hound app utilises “speech to recognition” technology as opposed to “speech to text.” Which you can use to ask complicated questions such as “Find me a hotel in Manhattan that charges less than $200 per night, allows pets, and has Wi-Fi”

The new Hound app also provides SoundHound’s music search functionality within the app, which helps you recognizing any music playing around you.

As key features of the app, the company touted, that the new app works with about 100 other services including Expedia, AccuWeather, Xignite, Yelp, Uber, and FlightStats for currency translation, voice dialling, navigations, booking, and other tasks.

Moreover, the company has also announced a new developer platform called Houndify that allows developers to build their own domains and apps that interact with Hound.

Currently, the Hound virtual assistant app is only available in the US. Users outside the US can also download the officially signed version of the app from APK Mirror third-party store.