New iOS update could soon bring Company Supervision feature

New iOS update could soon bring Company Supervision feature

You would soon be able to know about your bosses keeping a watch on you with the latest upcoming update on iPhone operating system.

The iOS update will be coming with a feature which will inform people using company iPhone if their device is under company supervision. Apple has been found testing the feature in the latest beta of iOS 9.3. According to Reddit user MaGNeTiX, the latest beta of iOS 9.3 reminds people if their Internet traffic and location is being monitored by their employers.

The message appears on the lock screen as well as on the settings page. The message on lock screen reads “This iPhone is managed by your organization,” while on settings page it says “This iPhone is supervised. [Your organization] can monitor your internet traffic and locate this device.”

The discovery of the feature comes amid Apple’s ongoing battle against FBI. While Apple insists that it doesn’t have the technology to get past  the lock screen security of iPhone, the FBI wants the Cupertino-based company to help it unlock the iPhone of one of the terrorists responsible for the attack in San Bernardino.

The new feature is considered an acceptable move as being reminded would push the employees using company iPhone to use a separate personal phone. Moreover, people using  iPhone that’s owned and managed by their company don’t understand that their location and Internet traffic can be tracked without much difficulty.