Registrations for Google I/O 2016 to begin from March 8 2016

Registrations for Google I/O 2016 to begin from March 8 2016

The Registration window for Google I/O 2016 developer conference will open from March 8 to March 10 and during the period, people can register themselves online in order to get the tickets. The conference is scheduled to take place this year from May 18 to May 20.

What is Google I/O?

Google I/O is a software developer-focused conference held annually by Google in San Francisco, California featuring highly technical, in-depth sessions focused on building web, mobile, and enterprise applications with Google and open web technologies such as Android, Chrome, Chrome OS, Google APIs, Google Web Toolkit, App Engine, and more. Started in 2008, the “I” and “O” stand for input/output, and “Innovation in the Open”.

Process for Registration and Refund                                          

Once, the application is accepted, a person is required to pay $900 (roughly Rs. 61,000) each for the tickets to attend Google I/O 2016. Cost of an Academic ticket will be $300. The website also has a countdown until the Google I/O 2016 conference day and hence, the interested users can directly visit the website for more details.

The option for refund is also available and users can put forward the request for refund for the tickets until April 29.

Conference taking place in California

The Google I/O 2016 will be taking place at Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, California this year and moreover Google CEO Mr. Sunder Pichai sharing on social media about the event .heading back to the neighbourhood where it all started 10 years ago: Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View.”

Those unable to attend personally can watch online as the event will also be streamed on website. The dates and venue for the conference were announced back in January. The company has for the past several years held its annual event at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, which is why its decision to hold the event at a different could have a special purpose.

The main purpose of the event is to announce latest version of  Android and make available its developer preview to enthusiasts. Android M, for example, was launched. at last year’s developer conference. The company also announces major upcoming changes to apps and its cloud products. Android expected to be the highlight at Google I/O 2016.